Thursday, April 3, 2014

IN SITU 01 from FAF

While on the subject of Swedish studio FAF, we feel obligated to share their IN SITU 01 adjustable table. FAF describes the project as "the first in a series of furniture inspired by the temporary constructions found at building sites: formwork, scaffolding and make-shift assemblages by left over material, all sharing the same esthetics of the raw and functional." It's hard to say no to a project with such devotion to finding elegance in utility. Stay tuned for more!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

House for Mother

Far from the Hitchcock reference you're all expecting, House for Mother is perhaps as cozy as concrete and aluminum can get. Located in Linköping, Sweden, the firm of Förstberg Arkitektur och Formgivning (FAF) designed the home as part of the Linköpingsbo 2017 housing exhibition. The aluminum facade and roof avoid feeling intimidating despite the materials reputation and the polished concrete floors "fold up" at the edges to create a parameter of bench / shelf. We especially appreciate that the timber framing features some pretty impressive joinery, but Scandinavia has always has had a way with their woodworking. For more, visit FAF. Via designboom.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Prospect House by Dow Jones Architects

Renovations don't get much more thorough than this project from Dow Jones Architects in Bath, UK. The new zinc cladding creates a more efficient thermal envelope while hugely modernizing the look. Numerous new windows and the addition of a studio and garage better utilize the landscape and views. For more, visit design boom. Photos by David Grandorge.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hut on Sleds by Crosson Clarke Carnachan

From the firm of Crosson Clarke Carnachan: Hut on Sleds. Situated on the Coromandel Peninsula in Whangapoua, New Zealand, the obvious starting point for the seasonal home was portability. When shuttered, the facade blends unremarkably into the landscape. When occupied, the expansive windows permit an abundance of outside in. Aware of the perils of building on the shoreline, the entire unit is maneuverable with a tow from a tractor and can be adjusted to suit a changing landscape. A space-conservative interior and an altogether humble concept make this project enviable on all fronts. Find out more at Contemporist.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

TMM Floorlamp from Miguel Mila

Spotted on Kitka, we dually noted the vintage handiwork or Spanish designer Miguel Mila. Not a stranger to lighting design, Mila struck a sweet spot in 1961 with his TMM floor lamp for Santa and Cole. With a slightly exaggerated scale and a striking elegance, the lamp is made of subtle but varied elements; rounded to square, thick to thin, upright to suspended. Get yours at Mjolk

Monday, March 24, 2014

Studio Aula in Shiojiri

We love the look of this wood-framed home from Japan's Studio Aula. Located in Shiojiri, Nagano, the homeowner wanted the home to highlight the existing garden with a healthy nod to traditional Japanese architecture. An abundance of exposed wood beams and an eye toward multi-functional spaces come together to create a compelling, cozy interior tucked inside an unassuming facade. For more, visit dezeen. Photography by Ippei Shinzawa.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Helen Lucas Architects

Edinburg-based artist Alison Watt, recipient of a Order of the British Empire award, was in the market for a live work space to foster her painting career. Watt enlisted fellow Edinburgian Helen Lucas Architects to tackle he renovation of a Georgian townhouse, a project that would result in a space that both focused Watt on her art and managed to frame the classic Georgian details of the home through a modern lens. Considered design choices, like seamless Corian countertops in the kitchen to endure both pasta sauce and paint and a creative pursuit of natural light lend the space a balance between modern utility and classical flourishes. Find out more at Helen Lucas Architects. Via Remodelista.